Dr. Matthew Canham is the CEO of Beyond Layer 7 (Belay7), a consultancy dedicated to shoring the human shield against malicious actors. Belay 7 helps organizations design and implement insider threat programs, provide security awareness for employees, behavioral analytics, and data science services. Dr. Canham is also the senior director of operations of Khonsoo, a company dedicated to making small-to-medium businesses more secure against cyber threats.

Dr. Canham’s research interests span three pillars of human information security: defending against deepfake social engineering attacks, unintentional insider threat mitigation, and usable privacy and security. Prior to his current position, Dr. Canham was an Assistant Research Professor of Cyber Security at the School for Modeling and Simulation at the University of Central Florida, and earlier served as the Program Manager of the Emerging Technologies Program for the Operational Technology Division (OTD) of the Department of Justice. While at OTD, Dr. Canham evaluated new technologies for their potential benefit to law enforcement, as well as the potential threats these might pose. As an investigator in the field, he investigated cyber-crime, intellectual property theft, insider threats, and other Federal violations. In his early graduate student career, he examined how the modification of computer interface displays alter user cognition. In his later graduate student career, Dr. Canham’s dissertation work examined the benefits of diversity within geographically distributed problem-solving groups.

For speaking engagements, research inquiries, or cybersecurity consulting, please send an inquiry email inquiries@belay7.com.